11/11/2018 - 7/04/2019

Verbeke Foundation
Westakker, 9190 Kemzeke

All films English spoken or subtitled

Chocolate wind (Russia)
by Ilia Antonenko

Lonely and indecisive 18 years old Alla feels like a Cinderella dreaming to escape from the poverty and shabbiness of the environment. Her old friend Masha, who is fairly reckless, finds Alla in Skype and like a fairy suggests her making all the dreams come true...
Duration: 00:23:43

Family Pine Tree (Belgium)
by Francesca Van Daele

A poetic portrait about an isolated man, Niko, who unintentionally kills a pine tree. The analogy between Niko, who represents the last generation of his family tree, and the dead standing pine tree works complementarily. The story is told from the perspective of the dying pine tree which gives the short documentary an experimental touch. The movie was shot in Greece, on the island of Ikaria.
Duration: 00:08:00

Behold the night (France) by Romain Claris, Jacques Dubuisson

Five young women, sleeping, an old man, six nights. A melancholy reflection on beauty, sweetness, old age, death... A (very) free variation around Yanusari Kawabata's novel "Nemureru Bijo", "House of the Sleeping Beauties"
Duration: 00:50:00

Le Cadeau (Belgium)
by Myriam Van Imschoot

Four Brussels women with different migration backgrounds, three Maroccan and one Italian, recount in a montage of testimonies what the vocal custom of the zaghareet (Arabic) or youyou (French), so rich in sonorities and affect, means to them and how it intersects with their lives. At the end of the film they are joined by a group of women for a stunning vocal performance of youyous on the roof of Brussels. With this film Myriam Van Imschoot looks into intergenerational and intercultural aspects of the transmission of one of the richest vocal expressions and sonic phenomena in the world, a shrill and trilling cry of joy delived by women to express intense emotion, like in marriages and sometimes in funerals of martyrs and virgins. Just like people migrate, vocal techniques and songs travel. Originally from North-Africa, Subsaharan Africa and the Middle-East, the zaghareet meanders to new destinations and reinventions.
Duration: 00:48:12

Her Voice (Belgium) by Silvia Defrance

“Her Voice” offers an enigmatic stream of consciousness that resists conventional narrative expectations. In a certain way, the film echoes the #MeToo era, in which we live now. Somewhere between the desperate Boop-Oop-a-Doop’s of a vintage Betty Boop and the film experiments of Maya Deren. “Her Voice” reflects a woman's subjectivity and her sometimes problematic relation to the external world.
Duration: 00:10:00

Ordinary Things (that happened in the childhood home of the maker of this film) (Belgium) by Rachel Gruijters

The reliability of memory is being questioned when, set within the highly constructed world of Old Hollywood, the filmmaker recalls memories of her childhood home.
Duration: 00:11:50